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History of Java

Java was developed under the leadership of James Gosling, working with Sun MicroSystems.
It was publicly released in 1995.
Initially, it was named as Oak after an Oak tree, but soon they realized that Oak name was already acquired by Oak Technology. So they changed the name from Oak to Java.
Actually, Java is the name of an island of Indonesia where coffee is produced. So it has a unique symbol of Cup containing hot Coffee.

Java Programming Language History of Java

Surprisingly the main intention of Java was not the internet but consumer electronic devices which use different platforms. Thus Java is a platform independent.
With the emergence of the internet that is World Wide Web (WWW), Java’s demand increased as it can be used with different platforms which internet use the most.
Java is a direct descendant of C & closely related to C++. Much of the features of the Java are taken from those two languages.
You will come to know gradually as you will learn Java & if you know C & C++ basics.


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