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The fread() function

The function fread() is used to read data from the binary file.


size_type fread(void *p, size_type size, size_type number, File *fp);

That is

size_of_item fread(address_of_item, size_of_item, number_of_items, pointer_to_file);

*p – Address of memory where data/item present in a file is stored.
size – Size of data/item that will be read from the file.
number – Number of items that will be read from the file.
*fp – Points to the file from which data is read.



struct Employee
    int id_no;
    char name[50];
    float salary;

struct Employee emp;

int main()
    FILE *fp;
    fp = fopen("D:\\C Programming\\file7","rb");
        printf("\n\n Unable to open the file");
        return 1;
    fread(&emp,sizeof(struct Employee),1,fp);
    printf("\n ID NO = %d",emp.id_no);
    printf("\n Name = %s",;
    printf("\n Salary = %f",emp.salary);
    return 0;


C Programming Language fread Function in File Handling Example Output

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